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The Happy Insomniac

I've created a whole new blog for myself, which will be updated regularly (or irregularly, depending on my workload, the position of the planets, etc.)

More blogs to come?

Podcasting/Recording Experiments!

Thanks to Chris Fisher of Getting By, Happy Insomniac is tentatively entering the 21st century with some podcasting/recording experiments, which you will be able to find on this page for the time being. Think of it as a reading, minus the book-signing and applause, or like an NPR broadcast, minus the technical and intellectual sophistication. Since the key word here is "experimental," I apologize in advance for any technical difficulties or general crappy sound (at least in regards to the files I have put together). So, to start, here's Karen reading "Ugly Girl."

NOTE: I have just received some helpful feedback from a friend, and I'm afraid the above recording kind of sounds like I was reading inside an alien mothership. I apologize again for any weird background noise you might experience listening to this...remember how I said that the key word was "experiment"? I have plans to remedy this as soon as humanly possible, but in the meantime, you can listen to my "asshole" recording for shits and giggles, if you so desire...

10/25/05: I know progress on this front has been very slow, but...

NEW! My good friend, Chris Fisher, of Getting By has very kindly set up a podcasting website here, to which we will be contributing, if we ever get a spare moment. We've got our first podcast up already, and if you're interested in listening to us generally shoot the shit in what we believe to be entertaining ways, then by all means, click away!