Tall Man

by Marisa N. Pickar

He stands tall
but that is not what makes him tall
He speaks with his eyes
temperment restrained
Expression pours forth
from his fingers
fluttering over guitar strings
and piano keys
His music reflects his soul
ethereal calmness on the surface
a strong swirling percussion beats deeper
reflecting a singular concentration
a flurry of constant creation
Peace is his quest
a unified world
Buddhist dreams
Taoist mindfulness
organic truthfully
he simply is
and lets others be
Wisdom adorns his conclusions
abrupt smiles that outshine the sun
are lit from within
by an inner fire that flows
and keeps time to the rhythm of his favorite team
Curious about humanity
respectfully distant from society
neither outside nor inside
he looks at all the same
not seeing the noticeable differences
He follows the trends others don't perceive
he recognizes the beauty the world scoffs at
like a tree without leaves
he is free of what weighs others down
His love is given freely
a loyal gift til the end
A quiet stillness greets the day
as he waits
waits for love to grow
waits for insight to sprout
waits for the world to notice
his patience has grown wings
lifting him high above
the rubble below
He is tall in ways
others can't even imagine
shoulders broad enough
to carry the world
if they would only let him