True Love Waits

by Karen Gsteiger

With all the energy
I devote to a man who doesn't think of me,
I could launch a satellite miles and miles into the sky.
And then I'd point its refined telescopic eye
On my love as he obliviously goes about his day
I'd watch him in his cubicle and stuck in traffic on the freeway.
I'd record every precious heartbeat and exhale,
And I'd see all the things he does when he's not writing me email.
If invisibility were my superpower,
Why, I'd spy on him in the shower!
He'd stand naked with erect member in hand,
And I'd finally see those bits he leaves untanned.
He'd whisper some lucky girl's name as he defiles
The sympathetic mildewed tiles.
As always, he'd be blissfully unaware
That someone like me was even standing there.
And when he goes to bed with her, is it good?
Does she rip him to shreds like I'd do if I only could?
Nobody knows about the fearsome beast I carefully lock away,
The somewhat cannibalistic thoughts I must never betray.
I'm fairly sure he doesn't realize what goes through my mind.
I know when he talks to me, he's being condescendingly kind.
Oh! My wicked heart he soils,
But a watched email account never boils.